As a collector for over 20 years, I understand the passion and joy that comes with building a collection. That’s why I’m thrilled to welcome you to our cozy antique store in Sattahip, Thailand.

Our store is a treasure trove of collectible items that cater to seasoned collectors like yourself. From vintage coins, stamps, books, and sacred Thai amulets to exquisite pottery pieces and wood carving piece, we have carefully curated an assortment that reflects a diverse range of interests.

With your experience and expertise, we invite you to explore our collection with a discerning eye. Feel free to browse, ask questions, and share your knowledge. Whether you’re hunting for rare coins, elusive stamps, fascinating books, powerful amulets, or beautifully crafted pottery, our friendly team is here to engage in conversations and offer any assistance needed.

Visit our cozy store in Sattahip, Thailand, and indulge in the thrill of collecting. Let’s celebrate your passion and journey as a collector together.